IMG_2558The arrival of the Europeans changed a lot of things about our culture and heritage,

We were bought with sweets and guns, our forefathers sold out our heritage for an unwarranted gain.

They sold us to oppression and slavery in the name of westernisation.

In the name Colonialism.

They said they brought us religion, education, and science,

Alas! we have all this.

Today, our children are sojourners in the name of education.

Our rich culture and virtues are lost in the name of English,

Our children can no longer speak their native language because we have been bought,

Because our fathers sold us,

We had a heritage that we could preserve, where are they today?

Where is our organised political system?

Where are our strong, and vibrant Obas, who in those days were not a cheap for Golds?

Where is the Ogboni cult who compels the Oba to leave his post by death at the sight of a misdeed?

Where are the Chiefs who were only concerned about the villagers?

Where is our structure thrown into?

Where is our craft thrown into?

Where is our education thrown into?

Where are our children?

Are they all now sojourners?

Who at the sight of sweets lose their consciousness.

Oh, my country!

Are we losing our heritage?

Are we losing our children?

Are we losing our values?

Are we losing our craft?

Are we giving up on our future?

Can we ever regain them?

Can we ever build a great nation again?

Colonialism killed us

Now neo-colonialism is doing what to us?



Design: Ooreoluwa Oshindero