“Invest three percent of your income in yourself (self-development) in order to guarantee your future”. Brian Tracy

The concept of “thinking big” is a big one, everyone seems to neglect it because we want to make fast cash. What about working to make earnings that will continue to serve us for a lifetime? Never equate quick cash with thinking big.

I have often look at the necessity to grow and the necessity to develop and remain relevant as a vital need and should as well be a vital sight to behold. The majority believe they have earned their first degree and since they are not going into lecturing so they do not need postgraduate studies. Today, some people look at the idea of studying more as a waste of time, money and effort. But, what if you need it in the future to better your career?

Let me tell you that upscaling and upgrading should be an essential point of view to growth. It is not all about gaining or having the certificate, sincerely, I know that, but doing this is also a way to add more needed skills to yourself and it is a pathway for capacity building. Do you have to remain the same way you began? The major reason why you should have more certificates, certifications or pieces of training.

Most certificates we earn might often not fulfil our expectancy but can help us to have a safe landing in future which we might not see at the onset.

A lot of people tell themselves, I am working and I am making cool money what do I need new knowledge for and they get comfortable with the little they make but will always be complaining about the salary been little. They end up getting married and the struggle begins. Even, at the retirement age, they will find nothing to do. Imagine if a secondary school teacher when in service had his Masters and Ph.D., then after retirement he is able to work as a university lecturer. They don’t wait for pension or a child to take care of them.

Don’t you ever want to leave vacant a post for another to occupy? For instance, if you started as a primary school teacher you can move to be a secondary school teacher then to a university lecturer. These positions tell a change in level and status but reading between lines, efforts were undergone to climb this ladder. These efforts were the N.C.E to Degree then Master degree and on. I have seen people I knew from childhood be at a particular level and still remain there, then further look unkempt. I wonder if it was always meant to be like that.

Let me not dwell on the colourful careers, let me come down to the level of the artisans and the “gbogbopreneur” guys. You are a tailor but you do not know of the new design or style that is in vogue? You do not even think of telling yourself there is a certificate on “Pattern Drawing” can I be a partaker? You never envision your life as moving beyond the level of a roadside shop owner to a duplex house workspace that you can call ” House of Dress”.

We keep complaining that things are not changing but our own status is not even changing. No upgrade, no new skills added and you still expect the world to dance to the 1940’s training you have got that was World-class at that time. My brother, you will just remain at the same level and you will watch your mates climbing the ladder to progress.

We keep saying, “it is not about the certificates but, about what to you?”

You might not have to have a masters degree in psychology, which was your first-degree course but you can take courses from other fields of interest. Of recent, I heard of a woman, her name is Bunmi Banjo of Google, she is the Google sub-Saharan Africa Brand and Reputation Manager. I read more about this young lady and I was wowed, I told myself, “these are the kind of people I love to meet”. Young people who are not leaving any stone unturned.

We marvel at their success, we really want to be like them but we don’t act like them. We are comfortable with that penny we earn but is it all about the “now penny”? Do we think of the future and what it can hold? They continue to climb the next ladder and you continue to waggle your tongue around saying, “They are rich people” but have you tried investing in yourself the number of hours or days they have spent to become a force to be reckoned with.

Upgrade your status, don’t always feel that was the only status or stage you were meant to occupy. You have so much to learn, earn and give. Remember it is the efforts of today that pave way for the greatness of tomorrow.


‘Oya’ is a Yoruba word which means ‘let’s’

‘Oya Upgrade’ means ‘Let’s Upgrade’