The girl with freckles on her face, with her hooded eyelid she looks so sleepy. She gets so carried away with discussions but don’t be deceived by her flare for talks, she can be chameleon like in nature as she might not love to discuss when you really want her to.

Two years before, She was formerly the fat lady with heavy cheeks but now, she is the slim girl who has lost her curves but never lost her admirers. Have you met me?

She is an extrovert by nature, she sees no harm in expressing herself, although she seems cautious with strangers. She really loves meeting new people, she sees no harm in exchanging pleasantries with strangers.

She writes but she has never been satisfied with what she writes; she really wants to see herself write like Thomas Oppong and many other great writers.

She loves greatness and she is ever carried away by the stories of great people. Often, she asks herself, “When will I be great?” But on the other hand, she is a strong believer that greatness lives in her, thus she is greatness.

She loves smart and techie guys, but in admiration of the smart and techie dudes a question pops in through her cerebral, “Is my boo techie?” Who would help her with this question?

She loves her siblings, a very great part of her existence. Moreover, her utmost love is for the supreme being – God.

She is on a journey with writing, gender and policy making, let’s wish her a safe journey and a safe landing.

Have you met me?