a journey of no return















Journey of no return,


Death, the beginning of a new life,

New happenings, new growth process.


I learnt he never rested in death,

At the spot, they told them,

“He is gone on a journey to the great beyond”

They packed his corpse

but his corpse, though not breathing on earth,

is breathing in an after-world – the Great Beyond.


His corpse is on another relay race to a final place of rest,

Running, running, running,

A journey of no return,

A new journey, a new life begins.


A place where new decisions are made,

Where new acquaintances are met,

A place of rest,

A place where you are oblivion of the previous life.


In death is a new journey,

A life of no return

to the world and its filthiness.



Thought inspiration: Creative Freelance Writers group(CFW FB group poetry prompt)

Photo Credit: Image culled from TheAtlantic.com and re-edited with Textgram online