I can learn , 

I can write,

I can speak,

I can act,

I can jog,

I can swim,

I can whistle,

I can jump,

Is getting old a choice?

I am young,

I can do a lot of things,

I have the strength,

I have the energy,

Getting old, huh…

Never a choice!

Although, I am still in my prime,

But what happens when I am no longer young?

Is getting old a choice?

Would I stop jumping at 70 years?

Would I stop driving?

Would I stop jogging?

Would I stop running?

Would I stop reading?

Well, it is a choice. 

I can either determine to be old or young.

It does not matter the age I find myself.

Even, the state I find myself is inconsequential,

I can decide what I want.

Old or young

It is a state of mind.