He hit me
He hit me again today
The first time it happened
He said I provoked him
It was only one slap
So I forgave him
The second time, he’d had a bad day and I asked a stupid question
“Why did you come home late?”
I always do that he once told me…
I ask stupid questions
So he hit me….another quick slap 
He said he was sorry……. I forgave him again
Today he hit me and he hit me hard,
He punched me in my face
My left eye is swollen shut
My nose bleeding
My lips are swollen and bloody
I can taste the blood in my mouth
Ironic, isn’t it that I’ve always loved the color red?
Now I’m bathed in it
When I fell to the ground hands covering my face
He kicked me
He kicked my head
He kicked my chest
He kicked my belly
I have become a woman
Battered in mind
Battered in soul
Battered in body
I have become a battered wife
Today I came into the realization that I have married a monster.

Written by: Folaranmi Eniola(labakeonileke)

Photo Credit: motifake.com