I woke up this morning with the thought of October ticking to its end and almost immediately my second phone beeps, it was a message from David my NYSC friend affirming my thought. So really! October is over, here comes November, then December.

Hmmm… the year is almost over, two months to go. That is how the year started and now, here I am at the end.

Let the retro begin. What haven’t I achieved this year? What is left to be accomplished in the next two months? What are the plans for 2018?  Then, I grabbed my most precious companion, “my diary”, then I began penning down the memory lane.

Who woke up with the year ending nightmare as I did? And even if you did not, it is time for you to begin to retrace and rework yourself for the bigger picture.

Some of us might have accomplished a lot of what we want for the year and some of us might have not been able to accomplish any of our 2017 desires. But, you know what? You can still achieve something within the next two months. Be bold, focused, and be happy, it is still possible.

And for us who feel fulfilled with the outcome of 2017, then what’s next for 2018? Its time for the productivity hack 2018, are you ready? Let the plans begin to roll in.

Tick says the clock, tick, tick! what you have to do, do quick!

Photo Credit: CafePress (Online)


NYSC- National Youth Service Corps