How much do you trustKike and Tola are childhood friends, they grew up knowing each as gisting pals. As they grew older they began to drift apart. Their university education began the break; Tola chose Ahmadou Bello University, Zaria while Kike wanted to attend the University of Lagos (Unilag). God was so good to them, he granted their heart desires and they both got admitted at the same time. Even with the separation, their love for one another waxed stronger. After their university education, their career paths took different turns and so everyone began the hustling. In the process, Tola no longer returned for her holidays in Lagos.

One fateful afternoon, Kike went on Facebook and she saw someone tag Tola in a couple of wedding pictures, which happen to be Tola’s wedding pictures, she was dumbfounded. She was so shocked that she had to drop her phone for a few seconds to meditate on what she had seen, finally, Kike returned to the real world from the land of imagination saying, “Really, Tola did marry without informing me? How about our closeness? We chatted last week now! What really went wrong?” Yes, what went wrong?

Nothing went wrong, my sister, she could not just reach you, or probably the usual thing happened, “My Pastor said we should not do an elaborate wedding, and we decided a low-key wedding.” Deep within you, you felt those pictures do not seem like low-key ones, huh, yes, it does not, but please accept her decision.

We fall victim of this happening, we often assume we should know all about our friends because they are our friends but in the real sense you cannot just know all about your friends. The funniest part is that, it is those who we are closely attached to that do otherwise. Should you now take it as an offense against them? No, we should not, what we need to know is that everyone has a reason for their action. It is really saddening and painful but that is what is called LIFE. Life can never be completely understood and that is why nothing is certain, there are some uncertainties we should expect.

How much you trust might be the basis but it does not mean you stop trusting or loving your friends, they are your friends and God gave them to you. They all will serve their purpose and you will also serve your purpose in their lives.


Photo Credit: Pixabay