Cleaning the dishes is one of the routinal house chores I love. And then came a day that I left a bowl in the kitchen sink after I had finished washing the plates, on returning from my outing in the evening I discovered this bowl was filled with water, filled to the brim. I had to make a flashback of my actions and I remembered I never left the tap unclosed, and so, on a second look at the tap I discovered that even when it is closed it still makes a drop of water every second. So these drops of water filled my bowl. Just that per second drop!

What are your per second drop? Every result you get today is not because of what you did today but a result of a continual action, contribution or investment. 

Remember that you never arrive here because you are just meant to arrive by providence but rather some plans, projections and series of efforts are responsible for this destination.

A drop of water makes a mighty ocean and thus, continuous preparation, practice, and investment yields mighty result.

As individuals we should never compare ourselves with others because we are different, also efforts and time differentiates our destination or peak.  A few more drop of water can fill a bowl in four hours and a rush of water from the tap can get a bowl filled up in 5seconds. The result is the same but the time of life destination differs.

Never compare your pace with another but always ensure every drop that comes out of your bosom makes a mighty ocean.

Photo Credit: google search