Never meant to be

I never knew falling in love was this easy until I met this beautiful handmade of the Most High, just within three months of our meeting I fell head over heels in love and it seemed to me like I had known her for a decade. My whole world around this lady feels complete and I was never able to feel a subtraction rather I felt an addition, I was always all smiles – my God sent emblem. I was ready to go miles to keep our love. Unfortunately, this jealously guided egg broke – a shattered dream crept in like a thief at night, as my love seemed to be playing a Nollywood out with our love life –she seemed with me for the good part of the juice and when the juice became sour, she could not uphold our love through the shackles.

She great cook, she dark beautiful girl from the middle belt region of Nigeria – hopefully you could fix the state in your coeur d’esprit, sincerely she was so angelic, the dark silhouette and charming babe I had hope to spend the rest of my life with but something changed our love spark and the imagination and fantasy never came up to reality.

I loved her, I sincerely did but distance and life experiences – my search for a job, a means of survival, and her parent’s disagreement tales broke the back of our supposed solidified love – my let no man put asunder.

Within a couple of weeks that I finished my National Youth Service I began job hunting. For many months my job search was frustrated by the prevalent economic instability. I kept the faith, I believed in all that I do and I continued searching. At this point, I was already aspiring to apply for the position of an Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP).

I actually met this beautiful lady during the course of my National Youth Service Program in one of the Northwestern States of Nigeria, she was a batch after my own batch, and we lived on the same compound but we had different places of primary assignment. We loved up and we continued our relationship after I had my Passing Out Parade (POP) and had returned back to my base – Lagos. After some days of my departure, my babe began the follow up: “How far jobs things na?” Well, she is my babe so I was honest and straight to the point with her. I informed her of my experiences with job search and also how the economic situation has not made it so worth the shot. I also informed her of my interest in the police force and after some days she began complaining, informing me of her father’s dislike for the police force.

I do not have a job, I am leaving with my aunty, and my desire to join the police force gave room for my babe to make us call for a break in our relationship. I conceded to have a break and for a couple of months, we kept talking but as friends and not as lovers.  But I was not comfortable with being just friends with her and so, I told her that I was not comfortable and I requested we start our relationship afresh but she said, no, that her father’s decision is final – since her parents do not support our relationship she as well could not continue with me. Where is the love we shared? I never gave up; I went as far as writing her parents a letter disclosing my intention of getting married to their daughter. But my letter did not work any magic, my babe still insisted on following her parent’s decisions and so we finally broke off every contact.

“Let bygone be bygone”, they say. I picked up myself, kept working on myself, never left my aunty and the tides turned, I got job offers made a choice out of the available offers then I settled down with one and I continued living my life. And then came a day, I received a friend request notification on my Facebook, my Ex’s younger sister sent me a friend request, this notification shocked me, why? You may ask me because I felt like I was not accepted by this family so, how come someone from this family would need my friendship? I accepted the friend request, afterwards her sister sent me a message and in this message she referred to me as her sister’s EX, I was terribly surprised by the words she used in referring to me, at that point, different thoughts came up to my mind – “Was it that this girl framed up a story about her parents not accepting me, or was it because of my present predicament that she left me?” I kept on asking myself different questions…

Lo, and behold I received a call from her (my EX) after a couple of months of no communication, asking me, “How far with the N-power Job?” Suuuuu…. She came asking about my job search; really ladies can be funny, was she really there for the lollypop?

It is probable that we are never meant to be together.

Story Credit: This is a true life experience of my friend, crafted into a story by me.


Coeur d’esprit – it is a French word meaning “mind”. It just a borrowing.