Hall of Fame (2)

It is delectable that we all want to be known by the amount of cash in our bank accounts, the type of cars we ride, the kind of apparels we put on and also the clique we move with. Really, it is a beautiful world that abhors all. Even if, the society showcases all our wits, should our existence be limited to these things?

Oftentimes, when I log-in into my Instagram account, it is always about who is dressing expensive or living lavish, everyone wants to have money, everyone needs to have and make money, the saying goes thus, “the hustle is real”. We are all hustling for the wealth, fame and the bliss. Life has thrown at us its lemonade, it is juicy and catchy, as well it is deceiving. We only cry for the lemonade and we forget to add the necessary additives that will make the lemonade last long.

Today, our nation is in shambles and all we care about is the cars, the houses, and the fame, with these, we hit ourselves in the leg, as we all sell our birthright as a Nigerian citizen for the politicians appointments, contracts, familiarity and get together. We are not shy to be seen or known with those we already know are destroying our nation with their inept policies and decisions. All we want to have is the fame, the pictures of the president and yourself at a ball party and the most unfortunate is that we still come out to say to the poor, “We are for you” when in truism, we were never for them.

Moreover, the church no longer addresses our issue as a nation, all the church tell you is money, money, money, “If you confess it, you can receive it”. Yes, you really can, but did the donations of the members or that of the politicians come from the right source? I know there is a divine provision but it has to be questioned. A rich member of the church is well acclaimed than a “leggedis benz” owner in the Nigerian church. Our religious institutions do not see the need for us to form an alliance to reject the present status quo that is plundering the growth of economy rather a lot of our clerics see it as being wrong to preach or act against this looming destruction. If Nehemiah had not rebuked the king’s usury in Jerusalem, what would have been the plight of the Jewish brethren of the time? However, some preachers can then quote, “It is in the old testament” be it of the old or new, the past evidently should tell what the future would respond to.

Our vision of a great Nigeria will not posit if we really do not re-route from our hall of fame trajectory. If churches and mosques in Nigeria and individuals do not unite against the destruction that is building up in Nigeria, well, we might at the end of the day be doomed as a country. Remember 21st century is closing up, gradually there is an invasion of a new era, what is your plan for your nation as an individual, or organization? We build the world we wish to see!


Leggedis benz: It is a coinage, which means “walking on foot”. It is not a standard English, it is a familiar English and it is a common usage amidst the Yorubas’.