Now, I live in a world where there is no regard for human lives,

Nigeria, my country points out that we don’t deserve to live,

Are our leaders now supporters of evil?

I know the Bible says, “shall sin continue that grace may abide?”

These words of the Holy book has been my meditation in a while,

Shall these killings continue and the present administration continues to boast of a successful four years?

Shall the killings continue that we can all shout one Nigeria?

Shall the people continue to suffer the loss of loved ones and we expect not to have more people die of depression?

Shall the president and his cohorts will these upon their children or loved ones?

Shall the killings continue and we all accept that the 2019 election holds?

Shall the people of Plateau, Taraba, Zamfara, Borno, Benue and other states that have been affected by either cattle herders or Boko-Haram say, “and the Lord had dealt well with us?”

Shall the memories of the lost ones be ever forgotten?

Shall their tears of sorrow ever dry?

Shall they continue to live in fear of a killer coming in the wee hours?

Shall we as a nation count our blessings and say, “the Lord has been gracious unto us?

Shall our churches and mosques continue to hold their regular weekly services in the oblivion of the number of souls we have lost to these insurgencies?

Shall we wait like the Christian faithful wait for the trumpet to be blown before our presidency declare the cattle herders as terrorists?

Shall we ever see justice declared on these killings?

Shall Buhari say he deserves 2019?

I grief,

I mourn,

Shall I hope that these killings end?

Shall sin continue that grace may abide?