Dear Brothers,

When Blessing tells you as a male colleague that this idea cannot be used in the way you have proposed, you often reply by saying, “the feminist is here.” If she tells you she desires to pursue her career to the very end, by taking up a PH. D, the regular reply will be “the feminist is here.” If she happens to get a car for herself, you will still tag her a feminist.

When as lending an idea, pursuing a career, or riding a car as a single lady all turn to the feminist cliché? I thought we are all educated, and we know what lending opinion is, what riding a car is, and what pursuing one’s studies and career is, so why are my brothers always using the word feminism for fierce, bold, courageous and happy women? Women [we] are no longer second-class citizens, they [we] are a force to reckon with.

My dear Masculinists, what is your definition of feminism? Well, I might not get to have you explain to me now, but I think I can deduce your definition from your outward dispositions. Well, I will not generalize my notion of what I think you mean by feminist, I will use the word “think” in telling this. I think what you mean by a feminist is, “a woman who is rude, who wants to take the position of men.” If this is truly what you mean, then, I have to tell you that you are wrong; feminists are not rude nor are they trying to take your position as men.

I would like that you know that the word feminist is an adjective of the noun feminism (just a reminder by the way). Feminism is a movement that developed in the mid-nineteenth century, 1948 to be precise, in America. This movement focused on the rights of women, also it advocates for equal rights for both men and women. As such, feminists are women or men (don’t be shocked, as Barack Obama is an example) who advocate for the equal right of both male and female. Feminism and feminist are all about equity. What you would do to the other male friend or colleague, do to it to the females as well. It is all about the access to equal opportunities.

Although some men have misinterpreted the movement, its ideas, its players, and most importantly women. They see it in terms of ‘leverage or competition.’ They believe women are given the leverage to do and undo. Really, I would not want you to see it in this light, rather I would love that you see it in terms of social justice. By seeing this stand par rapport social justice and the experiences of early women before the nineteenth century, I believe you would appreciate the role, achievements, and position of women today.

Earlier before the nineteenth century, women were only defined by the words “wife,” “mother,” “home keeper,” “silence,” “unintelligent,” and “dumb.” In the bid to change the plot story, comes the advocacy saying, “all humans are equal” – likewise with George Orwell “All animals are equal.” In the eyes of our creator, we are equal. As a colleague, a boyfriend, a fiancée, a husband, and a father don’t feel threatened by the stride your wife, girlfriend or daughter is taking. Don’t train her to be demure. We need the storyline to get better, it has to be better than the experience of our great-grandmothers, grandmothers, and mothers.

My brothers of a truth it is not about feminism, it is about been human; for humanity to be completed and balance God did not just create Adam, but he created Eve. If God could create a balance, how much more we his creation. Both men and women need to thrive. It is in allowing ourselves to thrive that we live to full potential.

Let’s stop the feminism cliché at the sight of a thriving woman; Philippians 4:13 says, “I [we] can do all things through Christ that strengthens me [us].” I am a proud woman, and you should also see yourself as a proud man. God creations are created for exploits without discrimination or division in what a man can do or a woman can do. Let love, fairness, and equity live inside you brother. Let live for others to live; remember we ain’t threat to one another.

We have got to root for ourselves. I love y’all brothers!

From your sister,