Oh, yea!
Happy decolonization day Nigeria!
Everyone seems to be very joyous about the celebration,
I have received several independence messages on my WhatsApp,
Even Instagram, the Nigerian youths show of craze platform is not left out
It is filled with pictures and videos of green people,
The Niga-Green life,
Is Nigeria really green?
Are we flourishing like we assume to be?
Are we progressing or diminishing?
We celebrate in the midst of political upheaval
Power-play all around
Ego intoxicated set of political godfathers
At the climax of destruction, we still seem to call ourselves a nation
A nation of what?
Of, 180 million population
With the highest poverty rate in the world
With the highest number of out of school girls
With the highest number of political thugs
Where rigging rules and democracy defeated.
A nation where the lives of citizens no longer matter
Where the populace can be burnt down because of a reckless tanker driver
A nation where the Plateau is drenched with human blood
A nation where seeking true growth and development is an Anathema?
A nation filled with religiosity, where sin and inhumanness are never enemies of religion?
A nation with the world’s largest number of immigrants?
Africa’s largest!
A nation of the gullible who thinks the time is not ripe to pursue true democracy,
Everyone playing the self-interest game
Where the so-called activist due to mere political conferment turn to selftivist, greedtivist,
and moneytivist
Maybe after total destruction is achieved the educated will educate the uneducated and the
assumed educated ones will better educate themselves on what it takes to build a great nation
And our dividend will be given.
Happy decolonisation the ever colonized nation!