I am calling it by its name

I know this is weird


Irk . . .


It sucks to see those bloodstains


And calling it “period”

Is too polite

It makes it lack the essence of its true meaning


During menstruation

I go through hell

When I am back

It feels crazy


I dread each month

The beginning of a new month brings me to the fear, anguish, and pain of the torment I am about to go through


And yes, I am proud to say that I pass through this valley every month


When you see me glammed up outside

You never care to know what the month’s ride was with those red discharges

From that inner part of me

That place ***

Don’t try to imagine


You might never understand


I vomit

I vomit biles

I vomit my food

I throw up like I am months pregnant


I have back pains

I have leg pains

I have headaches

I have abdominal pains


I get so irritated


The worst part is having my boobies

Look so well-rounded

And then, the pain with these two


Do you care to ever know what I go through monthly?

Kinda, weird!

You say


Not weird

You know


Kinda, awkward

You say


Not awkward

You know


I just need you to know that I go through a whole lot monthly

Without you knowing


The next time you see me,

Maybe you should be kind to me


In all, I take solace in the words of the Holy book,

“Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death

I will fear no menstruation (Amen).”


Image: Designed with Canva