I see a new trend with marital vows. Couples now write their vows. People are no longer going the orthodox way. It is the Millennial’s and Gen Z’s way, and so we gotta* spice it up.

We are drifting away from the “for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness, and in health, till death do us part.” Now, in some vows, it is “for richer, for richer.” We no longer want the words that speak much meaning to the essence of the union of marriage.

We want the fantasy. Something like this, “You are my hero. My knight in shining armor.”

Why the fantasies?

Love is not debatable when two persons have decided to come together as husband and wife. Why should we now keep to fantasy on the day we are meant to be realistic with one another. (Don’t mind me, I get too serious at times).

And so, if I ever write my wedding vows . . .

I marry you in mutual respect. For you to honor me and I honor you in return. I marry you in understanding. This is because we are now a couple and we have to understand and complement one another. When life gets tough, I promise to stand with you. When you are sick, I will be there to nurture you. Your dreams are my dreams. Your ambitions are my ambitions. Life would not always be certain but I believe we will weather the storm together.

Our riches are a gift to the entire world. We come together to be a blessing to our generation and to generations coming. Our wealth is gold and will blossom.

Remember, this union today is the coming together of two forgiving individuals that have decided to be one. This vow and covenant are built on commitment, love, and trust. As we abide in this truth, may we stand firm till the end.

Did I make sense? I guess to myself. I believe genuineness, sincerity, and boldness should make up marital vows. Fantasies are great. Sweet words could be the best. A little of reality won’t hurt as well.

Let me be on the hunt for Mr. now that the vow is ready.