On April 27, 2017, I wrote on the topic “Why Are Nigerian Youths Not Ready?” Little did I know that a time will come in history and in the 60th year of Nigeria’s Independence when Nigerian youths would be in the streets to demand security and good governanceEven if, the protest was hijackedthe agitation remains that we want a stop to police brutality and bad governance, corruption, and ineptitude. 

I also cannot quickly forget the massacre of protesters at the Lekki toll gate on 20.10.2020 by the Nigerian Army and police. This was a protest day, which unfortunately became the last day of physical protest in Lagos, Nigeria. Even though protests continued in some parts of Nigeria. Howbeit, in our mourning and remembrance (because this will never end) of our heroes of 20.10.2020, I am proud to call myself a Nigerian youth. Though bleak at the moment, there is surely light at the end of the tunnel.  

And so, to help us make this transformation a reality, I would like that we work on our mindsets as individuals. Our minds are powerful tools, and they can either make or break the future we envisage As young Nigerians, we need to make uprightness, truthfulness, and honesty our guiding principles. This is because we do not want to commit the same errors as our fathers. You could imagine how Desmond Elliot witnessed the truth about the situation that played out on the protest day and after the protest, and he still had the courage to support the agenda that delegitimizes our campaign. Being truthful means that we can speak the truth to power and support that which is right for the good of humanity. 

I acknowledge that we are earnestly waiting for 2023 to decide who gets the power. But before 2023, can we commit to standing for integrity in our little cubicles: in our families, workplaces, socialization circles, churches, and schools. This is because we are tired of the continuous loot of the Nigerian treasury and development by the Nigerian government and so-called “ancient of days. 

Besides, some of us are knowingly or unknowingly accomplices to this evil either in our families, friendshipsand workplaces, and it might be difficult to cut-off from this destructionBut amidst these negative voicestell yourself I can commit to integrity?” Make the move and act! 

Also, I know that there are a lot of prayers, prophecies, projections, and anticipations of a new Nigeria. This is possible and it is achievable. All we need is a makeshift attitude to living and engaging. Through our characters and commitment to integrity, we can be harbingers of the nation that we want to see in Nigeria. 

I tell you: it is a long walk to freedom. But it is a walk, that says, “not every money is our money; not every job is an ideal job.” Let’s make this new Nigeria our reality by making truth, honesty, integrity, and the love for humanity our lifelong breastplate. 

A new Nigeria is possible. It is possible with us.