How come we are who we are?

How come our first knowledge as humans is dependent on our nuclear family:

Our Father, mother, and siblings?


My understanding of breaking the glass ceiling as a girl was limited by my home.


Today, I find myself at the center of advocacy,

Where I need to talk about nothing but ensuring that women and men are treated equally by the society,

And above all, ensuring that humanity is preserved.


I could remember that as a child,

My father told me, “for a woman to find a husband, then she must not drive a car.”

He continues, “you know, when a woman becomes successful so early, no one wants to marry her.”


I bought into this belief and I lived it.

I believed that I should not buy a car as a single woman.

And so, I said to myself, “I will hop buses to get to work. I will get myself a car when I am married.”


Who sold my father this belief?

This, I cannot answer.


This mentality is obviously what some of our parents have instilled in us,

As young women, this kind of beliefs makes us think less of ourselves.

And, it undermines our aspirations.


Like some people would say, “no one sold men and boys this, ‘you cannot mentality.’”

Men own it all.

They have it all.

And they live their lives to the fullest.


Although, today I am owning my destiny

I can have and ride a car as a single woman.

I do not need to have a man before I ride one.

This progress never came easy or fast, it took time, learning, and self-reconditioning.


Breaking the glass-ceiling for girls and women begins when the society allows us to breathe freely.

When our parents train us like they train the boys.


Let us break it.

Let us smash it.

Let us become what we have truly being created to be.

I say no to social-conditioning.