I thought I would easily forget

Alas, here I am wondering if the protest happened

The polices in their cloaks



Burning cars



The soldiers in their cloaks

Shooting “blanks”

At harmless young Nigerians

From Abuja, Lagos, Ibadan, Ogbomosho, Port-Harcourt

To other parts of Nigeria

Security is “beefed-up”

Against the enemies of “SARS”

Voices on high pitch screaming #ENDSARS

Hundreds of tweets and retweets clamoring, #ENDSARS

This evening at the Lekki toll gate

In a retaliatory move,

The soldiers and polices are shooting sporadically at young Nigerians

Blood, oh blood

This ground!

Lekki toll gate savors the taste of the blood of young Nigerians

Is it wrong to ask Bubu to address the unending police brutality?

Bubu is scared of being dethroned?

Oga Lie,

Baba Redeem Pastor

Baba Foursquare,

Brooda Tolu, the stammerer

Innocent ones went like that, unaccounted for

Some handicapped

Some parents childless

Some children orphaned

Some exiled

But we continued living

We continued smiling

We continued eating

But did we forget?

A year ago, our brothers and sisters gave themselves

Without counting the cost