The idea that began as a little gesture in 2021 continues to impact lives.

In 2022, eight students from Sango Community Secondary School and Orogun Grammar School Ibadan benefitted from the ‘Fisayo Ogundoro WAEC Scholarship. While this was a successful endeavor, we had a low success rate. We could not receive the results from students at Orogun Grammar School. The results we received from Sango Community College returned with a complete failure rate. None of the four students from the school had a credit in Mathematics, English, or other required courses. Though we conducted a mock test before selecting the students who were to be beneficiaries, this result indicated that our process demands thorough intentionality and commitment from the organizer, school, and students.

What we learned in 2022 informed our actions in 2023. In 2023, we scouted for a teacher in a public school who we knew was interested in our cause and could identify students who would be beneficiaries. Ebenezer Akinwale identified five students at the Liberty Secondary Commercial Academy, Idi Ayunre Ibadan. We conducted a mock test with these five students who later became the beneficiaries of the scholarship. The WAEC results of this cohort turned out excellent. Four of the five students had credit grades in the English Language, two credits and two distinction grades in Mathematics, and credits in all other required courses. One of the students did not have credit in Mathematics and English but had a credit in a required course for the field.

The scholarship is currently in its fourth year. In 2024, we funded the WAEC fees for ten students from Liberty Secondary Commercial Academy, Idi Ayunre Ibadan. We conducted a mock test and supported after-school tutorials. We look forward to students obtaining excellent results.

Thank you to everyone who has continued to commit to the goal of supporting indigent students through education. A special appreciation goes to Ibrahim Oredola (the founder of SkillNG and co-founder of Sanwo, who managed the first WAEC scholarship in 2021), Funmilayo Shodipo (founder of Cell Is Life, who managed the project in 2022 and 2023), Semiloore Peace Atere and Oluwatimilehin Atere (who are pivotal figures in connecting us with the supportive teacher who understands the challenges of his students and is ready to support them, Ebenezer Akinwale), and Ebenezer Ayo Akinwale (the teacher at Liberty Secondary Commercial Academy, Idi Ayunre Ibadan).

The “BIG” goal of ‘Fisayo Ogundoro’s social impact endeavor is to “commit to education and skill development in Africa.”